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Raw Garden - Sweet Fire Funk Crushed Diamonds 1G

Raw Garden - Sweet Fire Funk Crushed Diamonds 1G

Sweet Fire Funk Refined Live Resin™ Crushed Diamonds

Sweet Leeroy x Funk N Fire Pheno



Raw Garden™ aspires to a higher standard. It’s for when you want to experience more. Do more. Celebrate more. Unwind more.


Our products are made from pure Cannabis flowers. They are wonderful to taste and are rigorously tested to the most exacting quality standards, which is why Raw Garden™ is the most trusted and best-selling brand in Cannabis.


Our Crushed Diamonds are pure THCa and contain varietal-specific terpenes from Raw Garden’s fresh frozen flowers. Crushed Diamonds deliver the same power and purity you’ve come to expect from our original Refined Live Resin™ Diamonds, but in a more adaptable and versatile format.


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